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Tulsa Wedding Rentals

We wanted to share how simple it is to work with us and book the rentals that will set your event apart from the rest. While it is a very simple process, we enjoy working with you every step of the way.

The first step is getting in touch! You can reach out through social media, phone, email or the contact form on our website.

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We will be in touch as soon as humanly possible! From there we love to have a quick chat with potential clients on the phone to get a better idea of their event, their needs and the overall design and vibe. Don’t have time for a phone call? No worries, we can sort this out through email too!

We then take everything we’ve learned and put together a digital mock up for your review. This is one of our favorite steps in our process because we get to put that fancy college degree to use, you’re welcome dad!

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We are happy to make any changes or send as many options until you feel that everything is absolutely perfect. Did we mention that we also have a huge selection of smaller decor pieces that will pull any design together!

Along with these digital mock ups you will also receive a proposal that includes every piece you see in the mock up as well as our delivery fee. The delivery fee is based on the mileage to your venue and the size of your order. It includes delivery, set up and pick up and while we offer will call on some of our smaller pieces, speaking from experience, it’s a lifesaver to have someone deliver and set up all of your pieces and not have to worry about it, you’ve got other things to do!

While you are reviewing your proposal we hold everything on it for you for 7 days. That means we can’t put them on anyone else’s proposal during that time frame so you don’t have to worry about them becoming unavailable during that week. In order to secure your order, we require a 50% deposit and your review and acceptance of our rental agreement. The agreement covers our pieces while they are at your event from any damage that may occur. We understand that accidents happen and we do our best to clean and repair pieces in house to keep fees low.

Once we receive those two items, you can rest easy, every item on your proposal is locked in for your event and cannot be rented out to anyone else, we have a fancy software that ensures this doesn’t happen. We will be out of your hair after this, however, you can still make any changes needed to your order during this time. About 5 weeks prior to your event we will pop back up in your inbox to follow up regarding delivery logistics and the remainder of your deposit will be due 30 days out. At 30 days out, only additions can be added to your order, all the way up to 48 hours prior to your event. We want to make sure that we have you covered if you discover you are missing an important element!

After all of that, on the day of your event, as promised, we deliver and set up all of your rentals according to the instructions we receive from you or your planner.

Tulsa Wedding Rentals

We love being involved in your special event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or other celebration, we can’t get enough of your happy faces when you see the design you’ve worked so hard on come together in real life. We are there to support you along the way and help in any way you can.